Human blackholes

“You managed to escape clutches, whenever a trap has been laid out for you,” said an ex-boss once. I thank him for his forthrightness. 

In a flash, I recognised the nature of the evil that doggedly followed me all my life – a desire of certain people around me in personal and professional circles, to make me subservient to their wishes, and the repercussions I faced for my consistent refusal to do so. I did my online research on gaslighting, emotional abuse, mental torture, narcissists, psychopaths and found that I had been at the receiving end of one or another at all stages in life.

The common feature or LCF (lowest common factor) as I choose to call it, of all these people is their refusal to see another point of view, or change. These are human black holes who are not just comfortable, but luxuriating in their enclosures of velvet darkness. They do not allow light of any kind to enter their space, and just keep restating and reinforcing their own dark intent.

At times, the assertion can come in the form of an open or veiled threat. Those who come from a place of light can face withdrawal of benefits, punitive action or isolation. Let your light continue to shine, and the partitions become more conspicuous.

those who are afraid

of darkness will see light

what about those

who celebrate pitch darkness

light takes a diversion

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