Uniformity ….. by Len at lensdiary


Taking up Reena’s Exploration Challenge#82
by Reena Saxena. The challenge is to write based on above image of a black hole. This is my fictional contribution. Thanks for the mind prompt Reena.

The driver was completing his orbit, the length of the rotation diminishing with each circuit, soon he would be within the gravitational pull of the black hole. I had to do something. I flexed my hands and shoulders, relaxed my body and sat upright in the seat. Closing my eyes, I focused my mind, concentrating on the image of the driver. When I was sure I had a clear picture I opened a portal in my mind, and sent an energetically charged message through to him. Change course, change course, change course. I repeated this message for the next ten minutes, it did not seem to be getting through and my psychic powers were weakening. Frantically I recharged…

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