Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82

Week 82 welcomes you to the Exploration Challenge!

I’m happy about how the theme of darkness inspired many more people this week.


I am not a fatalist. I’m not obsessed with darkness. Yet, a landmark development in astronomy this week inspires me to remain on the periphery of the theme, but not get sucked inside.

Credit: NASA, BBC News

Image credit: NASA and BBC News

See if you can explore the science, give it a new twist, write a fairy tale or fables around it, or give it a totally new meaning. Black holes do not exist only in space. Many of us have those in our minds, when we cut ourselves off from the world.


There is no restriction on the length or format of the piece. Write a post on your blog, and link it up here with a pingback, or copy-paste the blog link in Comments.

I eagerly await your responses.


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23 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82

    1. elusive rays of hope – beyond my reach
      blank emotions induce numbness

      I shed the burden of hope long back
      challenged by vacuums – all aimless

      every path moved to you in the past
      roads behind are silent – now voiceless

      I will disintegrate, disappear some day
      I was a lamp – now flameless

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