Blogging is an addiction. Clicking on the Publish button gives an instant high. We celebrate our independence – freedom from being at a publisher’s mercy.

Blogging is a habit. I write during breaks from work, in very un-poetic environs and hide the screen in place teeming with people. I worry about not giving out my best, but manage to write something. And that lends an unparalleled level of confidence – that the muse is alive and kicking.

I’ve come to see blogging as a core competence, something I was unaware of myself till a few years ago. I see a family elder on the verge of dementia, with his professional intelligence still intact. I choose to let this art remain with me – till my last breath. I will blog as long as fingers work, or devices accept voice commands. Maybe someday the devices read my thoughts, and that will make me eternal.

15 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. That last thought is a good one Reena, ‘eternal thought’. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this week’s tale weaver, its good to read what motivates different folk to write. Glad you are planning on continuing.

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