Selling cheap

“It is 11 am. Why aren’t the mannequins dressed?” The floor manager’s voice booms across Level 2.

“The guy who does it has taken a day off.” A rather lackadaisical voice replies.

I know I work with the lousiest and laziest team in the world. Bob is an ineffective manager.

“So what will this display convey to the world? What are we selling for 50 bucks?”

I’m so glad I have this hat on. I don’t like selling myself cheap. I’m not sure about those two guys. I swear I’ve seen females fondling them, and they don’t seem to mind.

14 thoughts on “Selling cheap

  1. I really like how you flipped the script – quite literally! The narrative seemed to switch from the men to the mannequin, but upon a second read – it was from her point of view all along – brilliant! Thank you for always joining us for 100 Word Wednesday 🖤

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