Dark journeys

The inspiration for this piece comes less from the prompt

and more from the contribution of

Len at https://lensdiary.blog/2019/04/06/the-hustler/


Jade Li at https://tao-talk.com/2019/04/06/reenas-exploration-challenge-81/

accretion of dark layers
on brightness of my soul
refuses to be washed away
-held by hands
which rule the world
-held by those
who feel threatened by light
-held by insecurity
of differences being exposed
-held by fear
of negative consequences
-my embarrassment
validates darkness
-my acceptance
seals unintended pacts
-my silence
mistaken as consent
-my hesitation
becomes failure
What stops light
from spreading its glow
rationalization evades action
stops justice in its tracks
and then ….
we grow accustomed to darkness



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