Cultural fit

“The guy who has filed for sixteen patents during the year, had once applied for a job in this company, and was rejected. Is this true?”

“He was not seen as the right cultural fit for our company.” The HR Manager wiped the sweat on his brow, as he answered the CEO’s sharp questions.

“Typecasting people creates a lot of unconscious bias, which is detrimental to the interest of an organization. How do we plan to overcome that – by sensitivity training or replacing recruiters who are not the right fit?”

The glint in the CEO’s eyes appeared to be foreboding.


17 thoughts on “Cultural fit

  1. Notre Dame women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw just last week gave a speech where she said, “People hire people who look like them. And that’s the problem.”

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  2. Typecasting, profiling, both totally unproductive and as you demonstrative in your story, detrimental. Not only did the company miss out on a potentially profitable employee, but the HR Mgr. is more than likely going to lose his job.
    Very good, albeit, sobering Six Sentence!

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