Our financial year ends on 31st March every year. After a hectic fortnight or month, the first of April is time to check reports and prepare for performance appraisals and review meetings. Frivolity of fooling or being fooled is limited to kids and idle pranksters.

Content factories do churn out some silly jokes to keep social media buzzing. I wonder if being fooled in your close circle has any relevance, when we face so much of it outside. Business fools us, politicians fool us, bosses fool us —- anybody with a vested interest does it.

And we are left redefining sanity and survival….

tomfoolery lost

small needles disappear

in corrupt haystacks

10 thoughts on “Tomfoolery

  1. This world does not feel light and airy, nor full of humor. It has gotten rather dark and heavy. Perhaps it’s just my skewed perspective. I know I am finding it harder and harder to rally my sense of humor.

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  2. Even financial year end is a joke, which has everyone rushing around to complete their statements and tax forms. It seems to me that those in power are twisted jokers. Your haiku says it all, Reena.

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