Time Traveller

“I’m very excited to be interviewing a time traveller. It is a first for me and the channel. Tell us, Mr. Jeevan, what did you see on your journey to different eras in time?”

“Quite a lot, but I was disappointed when I tried to connect the dots between different eras. Life is not static. We never get back to the same place.”


20 thoughts on “Time Traveller

  1. Pat Brockett

    Such a creative and succinct SSS!

    Having recently been trying to connect the dots in a family history quest, I understand the challenge of trying to get back to the same place. LOL


  2. I’m with Paul…thought-provoking Six*
    Brings to mind one of my all-time favorite old-dead-person saying, “You can’t step in the same river twice.”**

    *the best kind, of course
    ** why can’t I think of lines like that? lol

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