My husband will understand this better. He is the textile engineer.

I try to wriggle out of the job of writing for this prompt. But he is not creative at all. And who will read a textbook?

I see poetry in this picture. He will see the production process. I take my diversion in blogging. He fixes things around the house to let it remain livable. We’ve managed teams at work, we have managed each other.

It dawns on me, how our life has been woven together – different kinds of threads coming together to form the fabric of day-to-day living.

51 thoughts on “Fabricated

  1. Nice choice of title–makes me think both of many things: the making of the fabric through weaving, the making of a relationship through long years and the processes of writing or manufacturing itself. There’s also a little hint of falsity in the word, as in “that’s just a fabrication” suggesting things might not be as stable as they sound.

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