Do You See the Colors of The Current?

Do you see the colors of the current? …… as I see it — by HRR Gorman

Let Me Tell You the Story of...


The young man lay on the dock, chin tucked nicely in his fingers at the edge of the wood.  “What’s it look like, under the ocean?”

A mermaid held onto the buoy just off the edge of the dock, anchoring herself in place.  “The water distorts the comings and goings of light in a different way from the air.  The deeper I plunge into the ocean, the darker everything seems, the stranger the colors.”  She held out a hand.  “Would you like to see?”

The man shook his head.  “Nah.  I couldn’t breathe under there.”

The mermaid chuckled, put the hand up to her mouth to hide her giggle.

“Maybe you do have all the colors in the universe, but I bet we got something you don’t.”  He turned around, grabbed something out of a pocket, and showed it to her.

Her eyes widened.  “Oh!  It’s so yellow!”

The man…

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