Reena’s Exploration Challenge #79 – Stain

Stain ………… by Michael


colorsUse one or more of the words given in the prompt, and weave into a composition of your choice.

There was no removing it. Like super glue it stuck to the fabric and no amount of washing, scrubbing or cursing made any difference.

The festival was soon to begin and the thought of entering the parade with a stain such as I had on my bodice was too much to contemplate.

In an air of positivity, a stain was not a good sign of compliance with the spirit of the festival.

The pigment within the stain was putting up a good fight against everything being thrown at it to remove it. So in exasperation, we decided to decorate it, try and make it blend with the fabric it had taken over.

A little colour here and a tinge of this there and before we knew it the stain had lost…

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