Page not found

She had been feigning deficiency of Vitamin D for some time, and spent one hour every day in the lawn, to soak the sun.

Her eyes were fixated on the door of House no. 404, which did not open, and the dark curtains did not give any clue of life inside. She considered herself lucky today, as she saw an old man emerge from the door and get into the car parked outside, talking to his wife on the door,

β€œNeed to get the device repaired, if I wish to continue on Netflix.”

So, all that she heard were sounds from movies, and not what was happening in that house. The story she has been writing in her mind for long, ended in a flash.

20 thoughts on “Page not found

  1. lol. ( I laugh because the fun of this Six happens two reflections after the last words). The first reflection is the story of the neighbor finally learning something about the people in No 404*. then, the second which is… ‘So what would their taste in movies produce in terms of a noisy neighbors soundtrack?’
    fun Six

    *excellent use of the number/error message


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