Woman – her journey


Twisted out of shape to please others, she did not recognize herself.

When she rose on her feet, with straight shoulders and looked in the eyes of the world – the world did not recognize her.

She has shed the burden of imposed expectations, but needs to carve out a fresh identity. Will a professional degree help, earning more money, learning martial arts or holding a position of power? The world is so blinded by male parameters of success. The hunter-gatherer is the winner. They are unaware of any other strength that can qualify for success, and she is expected to compete on grounds which are not necessarily her domain. If she competes and wins, she still carries the label of being a ‘woman shooter/pilot/writer/minister’…. whatever, not just a shooter, pilot, writer or minister.

It took a while – for her to realize that she just has to be herself, and do whatever she is good at – to make her life worthwhile. She doesn’t need to justify her existence. She is born equal – with different capabilities. She has never looked back since, and she helps others of her ilk in realizing where they are, and what they need to do.

The world takes a while longer to realize it – and it leads to all kind of crimes against women – physical subjugation, mental torture or emotional abuse. The end result is the same, as all of these crimes are equally heinous.


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