Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77 – Woman

Michael’s view on the women in his life …..



Image: Woman – Her Journey

Every woman I know has had it tough by virtue of birth.

This, of course, is my male perspective on women.

I’ve been fortunate in life to have known some very strong and determined women, my mother was one. In her own way, she brought my brothers and sister up to be the people we are today.

My mother came from a completely different era, what we might consider ignorance now was the norm back then. My mother didn’t have access to the world as we know it and she was unworldly we might say. But fundamentally she was a woman who knew right from wrong and was quick to point it out to us when needed.

Since my mother died early, 57 is young these days, I’ve been surrounded by women of different kinds. The woman I married was a strong-headed woman, she…

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