Accept your guilt

I see the rawness of your base instincts splashed all over – in homes, relationships, streets and respectable institutions. I have subjugated myself to suit your needs because I was misguided about my status in different equations. Bestiality is ingrained in you, because nobody told you it is criminal, and a backlash is possible.

I challenge your superiority and seek my rightful status in the world today.  Can you deal with the rawness of my emotions? Can you deal with a pain that will gnaw your insides, day in and day out, when guilt envelopes you? Do you have the strength – not only to correct yourself, but right the wrongs committed by your ancestors.

I do not deny the good done by some of you. I do not deny you equal status, or your rightful place in the world. I do not seek revenge. But the pain in me will not disappear overnight. The skies, earth, oceans and mountains need to know my loneliness. The animals and birds need to know, because they can offer comfort with their behavior and existence.

I ask for recognition of my pain.

raw wounds

ask to be seen

don’t conceal anymore

your guilt, responsibility….


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