Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

Welcome to a very special week of the year!

Many of us look forward to it, many are weary of the hoopla that doesn’t get anywhere. The journey has been chronicled by a few, but the story gets outdated very fast, as newer versions emerge.

Yes, you got it right. It is about half of the world’s population. How do you view it? Are we really walking together with the other half, or just resisting/battling/complementing each other?


Woman – Her Journey


There is no restriction on the format or the length of the piece. It just has to be your reflection on the prompt from the core.

Write a post on your blog, and link it up with here with a pingback, or copy-pasting the blog link in Comments.

I eagerly await your responses.


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33 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

  1. I was wondering why I didn’t get this challenge in my Reader–then it seems I wasn’t Following…what a mystery, now solved (and FOLLOWING 🙂 ! Have a blessed day, Reena ❤

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      1. OK thank you. I didn’t know about International Women’s Day, but knew Lent was starting. I looked at the sculpture and a poem came tumbling out. Will polish it up and post in a bit.

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