Uranian climes

There is a spring in my step – but not yet. It is a hope I nurtured for this time of the year.

March marks the onset of summer here – the time of putting away winter clothes, making changes in the house to meet oncoming sultriness, planning lighter menus for dinner. But this year is different. The clouds refuse to go away. Occasional rainfall chills hopes of warmth.

In the tropical climes that we live in, the pleasantness of medium temperatures is welcome. Uncertainty plagues minds, not disappointment. What happened to all the blah-blah about global warming? Where are we headed?

climatic changes

what did we do to invoke

Uranian wrath


9 thoughts on “Uranian climes

  1. That’s a fascinating insight into your part of the world. Climate change is very real. Over here in southern Australia I’m noticing that the seasons seem to happening later. Although it’s supposed to be autumn we are getting excessively hot weather.

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