Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76 – live forward, look backward.

Living forward, looking backward ……. by Michael



The older I get, the more this seems the only way to exist. There was a time when my family was known as the “remember when” family. We spent a lot of time remembering when things happened and when you have kids that is not difficult as they give you so much to remember.

Those memories so often bring you a sense of joy and laughter recalling the various acts committed by different family members and its good to know you have a history and one that is worth recalling.

But as I age the past is something so easily looked back on, but the future is where expectation lies. There is an urge to write it all down and leave a written account for future generations, and I’ve started doing some of that.

The problem with looking backwards is you not only have the good stuff to consider, but…

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