Making it work

“I don’t like this place.”

“It’s your new home, Hannah! You chose this.”

“I chose a person, not the place and culture. I don’t change as an individual, because I like a particular person. I’m not compelled to adopt a different culture and lifestyle.”

“Girls do it everywhere, when they marry in a different country, and excel in it.”

“What if I don’t like it? Why are girls penalized and made to feel guilty about being themselves – or express their deeply felt views?”

“Marriages are doomed,” thought Hansen, “and effort needed to come from all sides, to make it work.”

44 thoughts on “Making it work

  1. I think you’ve cleverly left the likely outcome ambiguous. It’s the first big test of how robust the marriage is. Will they be able to agree a way forward? If Hansen accepts his wife’s challenge to live somewhere else, he may even be more successful because he will need to make more effort to win credibility rather than being complacent and relying on the same set of contacts.

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  2. Two problems here: uniateral decisionmaking (his fault) and unwillingess to try something new (hers). They definitely need to talk it out, with sensitivity toward their respective cultures. . Heaven forbid, when they start having children! Nice picture of a standoff, with a hint that things are precariously close to breaking down…

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    1. Arranged marriages are not so arranged anymore. They happen to meet through websites, and then the dating process takes off. The difference is they might be interacting with more than one person at a time.


  3. My goodness, it sounds as if this marriage should not have taken place. I felt a strong sense of tension within your story, which was well done in my view. !00 words is not much to get a whole world view across.

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  4. It’s all about the person you’re with. If you’re with the right person the place or culture doesn’t matter. How many times have I listened to people say, I returned to the place but it wasn’t the same, because he/she wasn’t there.

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  5. It’s never easy for people to start over in a new country and it’s particularly difficult when you don’t speak the language. However, the same thing happens to some extent when you marry someone quite different to yourself and you have to decide how much ou’re prepared to sell out.
    Best wishes,

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