There is something scary about rebuilding – the fact that a previous edifice or structure has been destroyed. It means loss of labor, wealth, investments, resources and assumptions. What causes pain is our erroneous assumption about its indestructibility.

I see the change about assumptions in business. Accounting principles in the past were built on the ‘going concern’ concept – the assumption that a business will continue. Now, a startup business plan needs to have an exit policy. Stories of people who sell off a business for billions, and start something new capture popular imagination. Rebuilding looks glamorous here. What is their assumption about the new business? It remains an unspoken question mark.

Change is gaining acceptability. It is not a matter of social embarrassment or shame. Failure is celebrated, though it may appear overdone in some cases. To each his own……

The Hindu philosophy of rebirth celebrated change long ago. They assume that the soul is indestructible, but we keep acquiring new bodies. Death doesn’t look so scary now. It does not have a finality about it. It is just a transition.


Once a person gets over the shock and pain of destruction, rebuilding involves both caution and excitement. Wisdom gained from the previous experience is an asset, as long as experience does not become a fear or a block.

Reassess, rethink and rebuild….

It is the essence of life.


Tale Weaver #209


7 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. We are bodies and soul is whether an illusion or ‘ dil ke bahlane ko ye khyal achchha hai’ or I’m not sure. We know each other through it only.
    Death still scares, (not own, that we have to accept, but loved ones) when I think of loneliness it brings. One thing is sure the change is permanent. Nowadays people are more interested in developing an idea for a business and selling
    it for more money.
    Excellent post. Enjoyed it.

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