Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 72 2-5-2018

The pain of those who can’t speak …. a touching story by athling2001

A Writer's Life

I found this illustration rather quaint and curious. It is an illustration done for Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I don’t know the story, but why is the tree male and the human female? Is the mobility or immobility an illusion? Is it a scene of love, magic or revenge? What do the projections denote?

I invite you to ponder over it, and write whatever it generates within you.

On with the quill, and the thinking cap ….



She heard him coming, but didn’t slow, running swiftly down the forest pathway, slippered feet barely making a sound.  She wasn’t afraid of the forest, but she was afraid of him. How grotesque he looked, gnarled with branches sprouting from his back. His face so smooth and young, but his limbs like branches grown wrong way round.

In the depths of the forest, she heard the cries of the animals…

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