I celebrate the night not for its somnambulistic effect, but the thoughts and dreams it generates. The darkness in the external world, lights up a different world inside. I feel at peace, because there is no demand, urgency or distraction from external sources.

The lava inside me also chooses to flare up when nobody is watching. Angst, resentment, disappointments all surface after I have shed the day’s pretty clothes of diplomacy.

Is it the beauty of the night, poetry woven around the moon and stars, the comfort of pyjamas or just the beauty of being alone? It is solitude that we crave for, when we say we are tired to the bone. It is not that I don’t love or want the people around me, but the primary relationship is with myself, and it overtakes every other bond.


stars, sky invite

longing to be with myself

sums up the night


Haibun Monday


14 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Oh yes, Reena, night-generated thoughts and dreams are so important for peace and creativity. And you are so right – ‘there is no demand, urgency or distraction from external sources’. I especially like the idea of lava flaring up inside you – a dream lava lamp – and the comfort of pyjamas!

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