This is the Devil’s Masterpiece – ugliness crafted with such care, with evil planted into each part. The Devil won the ultimate challenge by successful storytelling – making the creature attractive enough to rouse curiosity, and for people to be drawn in by the unmistakable charm, to know the secrets of his success. They never knew if they would be greeted by a friendly handshake with one of the tentacles, or be roasted alive by his ire.

Master of Disguise he undoubtedly was – but nobody knew which form was real – the Green Dragon or the human at the helm of the organization.



Sunday Photo Fiction

11 thoughts on “Psychopath

  1. Reena, isn’t that the way of the corporate world? Never knowing who you are doing business with. You condensed your message well.

    A gentle reminder to give credit to the photographer when using the photo. Maybe just a line at the bottom of the story? Thanks!

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