Collapse is something strong people don’t let happen. She walks on, unwanted and unloved, telling herself that she doesn’t need anyone. Her biggest strength is that she can live alone.

The existence of tiny holes drilled into the soul with scathing criticism and emotional abuse, every day, remains unacknowledged. She wants to set an example of supreme strength, but nobody sees, admires or learns from it.

She has to survive, till the fractured soul collapses with the body – never to turn back at the world, which has so disappointed her. There is no alternative, since death wields its own will.


Tale Weaver #208

7 thoughts on “Collapse

  1. It’s an interesting thought, that strong people don’t collapse. I think we all think we could handle most things until they happen to us….then our human frailty comes through.I also like that image of the tiny holes drilled into the soul….I think most of us having something like that to deal with.

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