Third Perspective

“It is the Three Chairs exercise, which yields amazing results.”

“We are only two here,” my coachee looked puzzled.

“I’ll disappear. Face your demons or call your angels. The third perspective will help you make sense of life.”

I met her again after a lapse of time. Chairs had been added on the porch, where she spent maximum time.

“You know what? I’ve evolved into a writer now, and I need all those chairs to build my story. It propels me above the normal. People say I’m gifted. I know I’m not. I just learnt to think from different angles.”

(100 words)


Friday Fictioneers

36 thoughts on “Third Perspective

  1. Learning from different perspectives is ALWAYS a good thing. One of the best, most educational, assignment I had in college was to write a paper about a subject very near and dear to my heart, but to do it from the perspective completely opposite of my own beliefs…

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