The Scent

A beautiful poem, The Scent …. by Violet

Thru Violet's Lentz

In 1977 in North Olmsted, Ohio a 17 year old girl, named Yvonne Regler went to work at a local gas station/convenience store on a sunny summer afternoon- and just disappeared. The money was still in the till. She left her purse behind. There were no signs of foul play…

whisp_by_triksywhisp by triksy

Like a wisp of smoke

trailing from the wick

of an outed candle,

she disappeared silently..

Slipped, from the light

into the dark..

The scent

of the burning wax

remained in the air

(an acceptable amount of time-

as we tucked ourselves away

safely in our soft suburban beds)

and then, like she-

was gone- without a trace…


sometimes when I breath

the tender curl

of her waxen smoke


as if from nowhere..

It will fill the air,

then just as quickly-

once again, be gone..

A gentle reminder

of an ordinary girl

on an…

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