Yoga of Money Manifesto

Money management is about practice, and aims at peace and happiness – now and always. Finding a solution to the debt trap or any other quick fix to meet an immediate money goal, is the fire-fighting approach. Problem solving is temporary, and will not yield long-term happiness. Choose the most appropriate approach, if you want money in the bank and a happy life.

I came across one of the best personal finance books of all times – The Yoga of Money Manifesto, by Edward Vilga.  Vilga is a yoga guru, who applies the concepts of yoga to personal finance, by equating various yoga poses with personal finance. He says there is no Ostrich Pose in yoga or finance – one has to conquer the shame associated with sharing personal finance details, and face reality. The Flying Crow pose describes the challenge and long term goals in both fields – physical flexibility and taking charge of your money, your goals.

Similarly, Cat/Cow pose is about grounding, Warrior pose relates to focus, Tree pose is about balancing, Wheel pose is flexibility and Head down pose (Sheershasan) is transformation. The Goddess pose denotes relaxation, and links up to retirement planning. Pranayam is the practice of mindfulness – being conscious of what you earn, spend and save. Finally, the Corpse pose or Shavasan is about surrender – letting go.

Don’t miss the wisdom. Buy the book on the following link.

Yoga of Money Manifesto


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