Did I see My shadow there?

It does not look like me.

disfigured, disconnected,

mutilated by objects in between


Mirrors have different ‘effects’

cameras have filters and lenses.

How do I recognize my own ‘self’’?

devices have so dulled my senses.



I seek a mirror which

to mould to my shape

realtime, real-form

in the same space.


Relativity contradicts

concepts of the Absolute

core energy is shadowed

by superimposed mass


I am One, shadows many.

growing in different directions.

The disconnect is real

the resemblance uncanny.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 70

12 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I rarely resemble myself, and yet I am still there, I might just be an idea afterall, I will know when arms encircle again. Until then, shadows. I love this Raxeena, officially my favorite of yours, so honest and vulnerable. Printing it for the wall (on a bulleting board resembling Plato’s cave). 😉


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