Once upon a time, there was Truth

Once upon a time, there was Truth, invoking people to live with a head held high. The sledgehammers grew taller than the people, and Truth lay on the ground – bludgeoned, battered, bruised and beaten with people walking all over it.

A new era emerged – with manufactured content, strategic digital marketing and stories superimposed on each other till they wither away with the weight of contradictions. The whole exercise creates space for new content to emerge and enter the battle for a short time. It is all wild, whacky, interesting – and short-lived.

It keeps people busy, till a few people work maniacally on their concealed long-term interest. Truth twists and turns in the grave, neither alive, nor fully dead.

It is all about perception.

8 thoughts on “Once upon a time, there was Truth

  1. So true Reena, I learned long ago that truth is about perception, two people can witness the same event but both can have a different perspective on it, so which one is the truth? Thanks for your thoughts this week.


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