Self Control

It feels like an eerie shot from a paranormal movie. I stand back, and watch myself. I see myself working in the much-desired state of Flow. The theme occurred to me in a split second, and then, a force took over. I do not know what is driving me, but I keep clicking the mouse, and banging the keyboard. Maybe, the incoherence of thought shows in the final product. Maybe, the clarity attained illuminates the piece. I couldn’t care less.

Meditation, awakening of the spirit, and enlightenment have all been bombastic words, associated with the Yogis and intellectuals. The small and insignificant me did not think about making an effort in that direction.  And yet, it just took a few knocks in life, and some concentrated focus to send me on a voyage of self-discovery.

A casual remark from a friend shook me up from my reverie.

“I am glad this happened. It helped me to discover myself, and know what I want from life”.

What drives us to this point?


Why does it always take a conflict of some kind to help us see ourselves in a different light? Do we need that juxtaposition to see our inner reality? The answer appeared.


We need a proverbial cat to unwind the ball of yarn, before we devise a process to put it back together.


We need to understand

  • the stretchability of the yarn.
  • the length to which the cat has pulled it.
  • the right direction of movement for reversal.
  • the number of coils needed to create a ball of the desired size.
  • The last knot needed to keep it sealed.

Does this represent

  • Limits of our tolerance.
  • The extent to which our equilibrium has been upset.
  • The steps needed to put our life back in order.
  • The magnitude of effort needed to do the same.
  • Caution needed to prevent recurrence of the problem.

The easiest thing in life is to be you. The most difficult thing is what other people want you to be – By Leo Buscaglio.


Michelangelo was once asked how did he execute the arduous task of sculpting a magnificent statue of David. His answer revealed the essence of simplicity.

“That’s easy. Just chip out everything that is not David”.

Knowing others helps us to know what we dislike. And those are the traits that we need to eliminate from our personality.

There stands the finest version of yourself, the best that you can be.


Life compels us to make a choice. We cannot have the cake, and eat it too. And we know what is more important to us – having or eating.

You have defined your priorities, and therefore yourself. Your existence beyond the crossroads is authentic.


There is a difference between manufacturing and creating. The former involves producing something to specifications. The latter involves creating an extension of your innermost self.

You cannot create a piece, which is not a part of you. It can be a very classy imitation, or crass plagiarism, but it will always be a shadow of another. An artist is influenced or inspired, but only by thoughts, objects or people that reflect a part of his self.

Thus, to create, you need to know yourself.


Spirituality is all about moving beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of Personality, into the boundlessness of Existence. It has to be pure, authentic, just you.  A kind of energy is released, which can expand, merge or co-create, but is indestructible.

It is the essence of YOU.


Tale Weaver #206

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