She won the battle

She had come a long way.

The baby girl who survived being thrown against the wall in her infancy, the girl who borrowed books to quench her thirst for learning, the girl who ran away from home to find a new life and landed in a brothel, the girl who poisoned the ‘madam’ to get out of there was a free woman today.

She’d completed her term in jail, and surprisingly looked younger and fresher than she had ever looked before. She spearheaded a real movement, which had been in her head all the time. She won the battle ….

(100 words)


100 Word Wednesday

9 thoughts on “She won the battle

  1. I am always struck by your mastery of words and complexity of story. So many images, so much story, in so little words — thank you so much for joining us again this week and sharing your work with us ❤


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