The business of living

Maintenance is a business which never goes bust. The least that people need to do is continue living.

Housekeeping services, credit cards, working capital finance for business, social media management training, brand management, coaching, spiritual orientation initiatives and so many others help us to continue walking. Any reference to the starting point is investigative, to make sense of how we reached where we are today. By and large, they do not give any assurance about destinations. It could also happen that you decide to change course midway, as a consequence of the help received.

The food and FMCG business is almost always profitable because people need food to survive. It gets beaten down by competitors, not consumers or lack of demand. Books have been replaced by a plethora of online stuff.

There are events organized to facilitate sharing of thoughts and journeys, amidst a crowd of strangers, and yet, one does not feel overwhelmed. Online platforms are built for sharing, and then lead to a multitude of other things. It is either maintenance of the soul or ego or brand visibility or revenue.

I wish to step aside from the flow, visualize the destination and chalk out a strategy and then get back to the mainstream. I have taken breaks to do this, and then I hear a whisper “There is no choice about living. One has to go on, till you no longer count amongst the living.”


Tale Weaver #205

5 thoughts on “The business of living

  1. The last line I find a challenge. I would have thought it more a matter of going on living so you DO count among the living. I’d like to think there was some contribution I am or have made to those around me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us this week.


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