11 thoughts on “Slow

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  2. Namaste Reena 🙂

    An excellent set of lines cut with precision: deep, meaningful, intimate.

    May I ask: is this what is known as an elegiac coupling?

    Fascinated as I am by word meanings I took a moment to look-up ‘galumph’ and was most delighted to discover it was a word coined by Lewis Carroll: probably a blend of gallop and triumph! 🙂

    Happy penning Reena. Namaste 🙂



      1. Namaste Reena 🙂

        A pleasure, thank you for your poem.

        I’ve only ever seen one or two examples myself but knowing you write in several different styles, I thought I’d enquire. Thank you for your answer…now I have to go away and gen up a little on ‘ghazal’ form! That’s why you’re the trainer and I merely the scribe lol 😉

        Blessings. Namaste 🙂


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