Seasons of life

January is a beginning, or claims to be so. My dog loves the extra helpings of plum cake, but does not know she has embarked on a new journey. Time is seamless for her. There were times my grandmother couldn’t recall dates, but connected events to the time her second-born had just started walking, or the first born started school. She remembered what was important to her.

Human beings invented calendars to give a structure, and facilitate measurement and evaluation. It works only when there are SMART goals to be achieved. It helps the economy with balance sheets, but not seasons of the mind.

Intense emotional moments are what make time stop for us. Dates just get associated with it, facilitating assessment of our lives. How long back did it happen, and for how long has it not happened again? When did we live last, in the humdrum routines of day-to-day living?

I wonder if clocks,
calendars of the mind
celebrate winter


Haibun Monday


13 thoughts on “Seasons of life

  1. I like the cynicism in the opening sentences, Reena! I feel squeezed into a calendar like my foot is squeezed into an uncomfortable shoe. I wonder how it would feel to run barefoot through the seasons, no time constraints. Your haiku says it all!

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