The New Normal or No Normal

It is our concept of normal, which restricts and constricts us.

And there are so many versions of ‘being normal’, that one never gets around to being totally acceptable. Yet, parents, teachers and priests keep struggling to propagate their own concepts of acceptable behavior.  Excellence is deemed to lie in reproducing published answers from a scripture or book, not raising questions.

What exactly is deemed to be ‘normal’ — median, middle-of-the-range (as medical science defines the acceptable range of various elements in the body)? Or not being socially offensive? Dr. Christian Northrup says that we have defined a range for both happiness and sorrow, and any emotion that transcends these limits plays havoc with the body, to generate disease.

But, one needs to utter the word ‘mediocre’ or ‘average’, and it raises the heckles of all parents and guardians. That is exactly where they do not want their wards or students to end up in life. So, academically and professionally, the bar is being raised, till the ‘high’ becomes the new ‘normal’. Socially, we are hailed as ‘level-headed’, if we allow elders to take pride in our politeness and subservience. Having your feet planted on the ground confirms good breeding.

There have always been two distinct classes – one that sets standards, and the other that is expected to follow suit. Who has authorised the former to set standards? Is it by virtue of being ‘born ahead’, ‘knowing more’ or ‘having more’? It is an edge they lose rapidly, as the other class advances, and takes over authority from them.

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