Kerala Wall

Only a lunatic can imagine that – building foundations amidst a psunami, with the sea biting her ankles. She looks for collaboration from submerged life beneath the surface.

The movement against women entering a revered temple is in full swing. Two women show the courage to break the law, and unrest grips the town. Yet, 3.5 million women stand shoulder-to-shoulder on national highways to form a human chain called the Kerala wall. Similar events are being held in different cities to show solidarity, in the battle against gender inequality.

Salute the spirit!

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Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox


Saturday Mix at MLMM


15 thoughts on “Kerala Wall

    1. The cause may not appear worthwhile to all. I, for one, may not bother about being allowed entry into a temple. But it highlights how exclusion and inequality impact a mindset, and the solidarity that rebellion can spark is tremendous.

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      1. Not only that, it’s this idea that women are somehow unclear because of a natural part of life. If you read the Christian bible you find the same discrimination, a woman is unclean for a week after giving birth to a boy and she’s unclean for twice as long is she give birth to a boy. Our reproductive organs do not define us, they therefore should not limit us.

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