Piecemeal approach

“The survivors of the victim have been adequately compensated for. One dependent will be given a job in the organization. We salute the spirit of Late Mr. Pramod Khosla, who sacrificed his life to save many others from the gas leak in the plant,” the HR leader rambled on.

“Have adequate measures been taken to prevent the recurrence of such a fatal accident?”

“A team is working on that, and the concerned vertical will soon issue a statement.”

“In absence of that perspective, do all these follow-up acts really matter – even to the family of the deceased?”



Six Sentence Stories


11 thoughts on “Piecemeal approach

  1. I’ll vote: yes, they do matter. (If, that is, one believes that a business entity is required to accept responsibility for the things that it does. Along, that is with accepting profit, one would expect it to act responsibly).


    1. You remind me of the starfish story, where the boy throwing starfish back in the sea says ‘It makes a difference to the one I saved, if not to all those lying on the beach.’ You have a valid point.


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