Borrowed moulds

Hope and fear are two ways of looking at the future. The mindset separates dreams from nightmares. The future is an unknown commodity, and I’m free to superimpose a picture on it.

There is a strong chance that I will achieve what I look at. There is an equally strong chance that I am in for a nasty shock or pleasant surprise. Either way, I can do very little to change the outcome, other than walk on a chosen path.

The concept of taking a calculated risk pollutes minds. We like to measure and assess where do we stand on a continuum, not knowing that the sand beneath your feet constantly moves and what is here can be there tomorrow.

The yardstick of measuring success by parameters set by someone else, is another pollutant that infects. I try to squeeze myself in a mould which is not my own, and life is spent mourning the twisted shapes I see myself in.

I choose to stay true to myself, and all things are bright and beautiful!


Tale Weaver #204

5 thoughts on “Borrowed moulds

  1. That’s a beautiful response Reena, I was wondering if “life is spent mourning the twisted shapes I see myself in.” is a positive way of viewing life as through those twisted shapes we find ourselves in we are growing and understanding ourselves. It’s an interesting notion when being true to ourselves is what we are all trying to achieve. As happens so often you have me thinking and reflecting. Thanks for your thoughts on this one. Hope the new year is shaping up well for you.

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