A choice made

Hypothesis lends value to conclusions

Roads not taken shape future destinations

Stories of the other side are but imagination

I define – on different planes of existence

if it a rocky path or missed constellations


Poetics at dVerse

Image credit: poemhunter.com


24 thoughts on “A choice made

  1. your vocie of reason brings much clarity to the question at hand! stories on the other side are indeed just our imagination, I absolutely salute this Reena


  2. “There is no view without a viewer.” What I think I hear you saying is that the viewer’s perspective changes moment by moment. Never thought of it that way before, and for my, the viewer’s, perspective, it has shifted with your poem ❤

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  3. I enjoyed this Reena. I always find trying to learn from roads not taken or what we call our mistakes, can be a trap. We cannot fully remember the subtleties that actually impacted the nuances of our past decisions, because time obscures them, so how do we truly know what to alter in the here and now, based on that. We may certainly know what outcome we may or may not want, but we are still left with acting upon the now, not the past – the now, with all its current nuances, is all we can control. And with regard to roads we did not take, there were infinite variations we might have chosen in that moment, had we considered the moment long enough – so what’s to learn from that. Be effectively here now and you will serve yourself perfectly.


    1. You are right. Personal history is what we remember about that moment, and how we felt then, rather than what actually happened. The term ‘cold facts’ describes something sans emotion, but we rarely see things in that manner.


  4. So many perspectives to consider. I like the idea of roads not taken shaping future destinations. We can always take what we may have lost as a lesson for the future.


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