The bonfire is lit, goodies ordered from the nearby bakery and I am dressed in my Sunday best. I chose to be on a vacation alone, away from the maddening crowds everywhere. The clock and calendar remind me it’s Christmas. Loneliness strikes.

I await a few spirits to join me, but I need to choose which ones. I go down memory lane to see my happiest moments – excitement, anticipation, laudable achievements. I invite those to come over, so I could soak in their spirit to recharge.

The colors of the night are the perfect canvas for joy to appear. I look up at the sky and wait for the Moon and stars to appear. Do they not visit this part of the world? They might appear a little late, after spreading cheer in the busier parts. It is a Full Moon Night, and there …my friend makes an appearance. The companions will soon follow.

I will drink alone, and make merry. I know I’m ready to face the world again – with all the disappointment and misery they load on me.


Photo Challenge #244

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