Evening Sky

I see shades of red, orange, tangerine, purple and gray lose their identity to merge into darkness. How do I define the color of darkness – is it charcoal, navy or just black? Clouds and twinkling stars play their role of enhancing the dark, or being enhanced by it.

I think of the color of dreams I once nurtured. In the twilight stage of life, they appear to be merging into a fast approaching end – which is perhaps, the same color for all – unlike the night sky. I don’t expect galaxies to light my path ahead. I don’t expect the colors to come alive once again. They had a limited shelf life, but served their purpose. What would life be without hope, and without dreams?

Walking through the illuminated streets and decorated shops, I know that festivals are invented to re-ignite hope. It needs a repeat ritual, as the mundane reality of life pull us down.

There is a knock at the door of Consciousness. I’m not sure if the Messenger of Liberty has come for me, or is it another cold morning? I would like to make my choice this time around.

night falls

I make a choice

once again


Tale Weaver #202

3 thoughts on “Evening Sky

  1. An excellent meditative piece Reena and I think we would all like to be in that position of choosing when our time comes. best wishes for the Christmas holiday period, thanks for the great contributions you have made to the tale weaver throughout the year. Have a good one.

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