I’m shivering in the cold, out here on the couch, with only my faithful puppy to keep me warm.

‘Click, click’ … No, place it here. This setting looks better. The white sheets are a good background, but are oh-so-crumpled. My baby cannot stop rolling over.

Two Santas, and a smiley stuck on the Teddy’s mouth. Look at their eyes… they seem to be imploring to be let go …. just like me.

Mom cannot give up her Instagrammed life. The perfect pictures need to go out on Christmas. We are a happy family, living out a fairy tale existence.


FFFAW Challenge #196

15 thoughts on “Instagrammed

  1. This is great! My husband and i have just recently heard about Instagram. So this is sadly a true statement of the present times – EVERYTHING – is posed. There can be little engagement over dinner if you are too busy taking a photograph of a glass of milk!

    We finally have a phone that takes pictures. Purchased last month for the birth of our grandchild….(*braggin* look for a photo on my blog soon – and justone) but yes…omg…we are in our late 60’s and 70’s amd are being swarmed with photographs of the baby,, the nieces, the nephews,, their kids… the hamburgers, the elevators. LOL!

    I prefer making pictures with words BUT…i may look into instagram – i can make a story of our grandbaby’s first year in comedic photographs…

    Such a timely piece …

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  2. It’s such a big part of today to have that perfect picture- I know I catch myself posing and setting up things multiple times over and over because I’m worried about the quality of the pic!

    Very relatable story for me!

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