Dear Santa

I slept with your picture under the pillow, and found some cash there in the morning. I believed that you exist.

As I grew up, I learnt that you need an agent in this world – who places gifts under the pillow. I dream, and then, I have to go about hunting for that agent who can make dreams come true. When I don’t find what I seek, I tell myself it is all fantasy. Why do they give us a make-believe tale of things that do not exist? Do they realize it leads to so much of heartbreak later?

All I ask from you, Santa, is to give me that world where wishes come true. It is okay to put in effort and work hard for it, but let positive results flow in. Don’t let manipulators convince the world that intelligence and diligence do not count. Don’t let people think that capability is only what earns profits – by ethical or unethical means – and ideas/execution are worthless without it. Don’t send out messages that Santa needs to be cultivated – with gifts and bribes and sycophancy – to get what one deserves.

Don’t give me that heartbreak once again, that you don’t exist….



Sunday Writing Prompt – Countdown

10 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. I read this as a letter written by an older child and as a letter written by an adult. Fantasy worlds idolized by many bring magic into young lives and adult lives, as well. Once fantasy worlds are found to be fakery, the disappointment can be overwhelming. Perhaps, it is preparedness for adulthood but seems like a bitter pill to take. Brilliant writing, Reena.

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  2. Ahh, the shattering of the illusions – the reality crunch, when it bites back, as wishes so often don’t seem to come true. Yet in their own way, often they do – just arrive in different gift-wrapping.

    This is an interesting letter and approach Reena – a mix of both the innocent, wishful child and the somewhat jaded, cynical adult — makes for a rather push-pull flavour – which is bittersweet life. But perhaps, it’s the slip of wis(h)dom – that asks – let us not discount hard work to fulfill dreams, but accept that positive results can come from it –

    perhaps the truth behind the fantasy is that no one can rescue, save or provide, but it would be more comforting to at least have true support and encouragement – which is where faith and trust serve their purpose.

    Interesting letter – thanks for writing to the Sunday prompt this week – happy holidays and may your true heart’s wishes and desires come true

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