Reena’s Exploration Challenge #67 – Stepping Out.

A dilemma life may force on us at some stage ….. a story by Michael.



The old man wrestled for days with the notion of a bridge in time.

Was he fooling himself it might be better on the other side?

After all, he had lived a long time, seen a lot of stuff,

His children were grown and living their own lives

Would they miss him?

More importantly, he reasoned he would miss them.

Time he knew marched on whether or not you wanted it too.

Each year the number beside his name grew larger

He wasn’t the once fit and able man he was in his youth

He moved slower and yet time sped up.

He thought about where it was he sat

Did he want to move forward?

Was keeping abreast of things in a rapidly changing world

Where technology had long left him behind

A world where he thought he might be welcomed

He’d given up long ago understanding what it…

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