Goliaths of the Dark




after the sun departs and we are greeted by constellations
or what we could see past the rising light of the city
The elitists of the day go home
A time of opportunities has gone down with the day
But what would the night bring us?
The start of a new journey and to be one with the city
Never in the eyes of a 9-5 type

Source: https://hellopoetry.com/words/buildings/


A Goliath falls
burdened with its own sins
and melts into darkness
after glory subsides

Atlas bleeds
mocked at, for his inability
to carry burdens of alien sins
not knowing – he is not guilty

Bystanders rejoice
in their ability to choose
whom to hail, and whom to troll
as per convenience

Dark skies conceal thunder
underestimate subdued rage
gloat in a false belief
of invincibility

I wait for illumination
by truth- neither Sun nor Moon
when nights become transparent
and darkness is banished forever


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #66

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