I hope

I read the same phrase for the umpteenth time

“…once broken can be mended, but the crack is always there.”

I’m using all my sewing skills to cover up the tear, but not sure if the frayed fabric of the relationship can be sustained. We’ve suffered the blues for long, and are now in the autumnal years of our life. I do not know what your once pretty face looks like now. I don’t know if you will recognize me, or want to recognize me.

Yet, I trudge up the hill – in the hope that the ensuing winter does not leave us frozen in the snow – all alone, without a hand to hold, or moist eyes to mourn our departure.

repentance strikes
I walk alone in the dark
hope has not dwindled


Sunday Writing Prompt at MLMM

5 thoughts on “I hope

  1. I was particularly struck by the image of a face, forgotten perhaps, or rather, unrecognizable – and the idea of the other not necessarily wanting to return or be known –

    the way you’ve phrased it Reena grabs hold and just captures the imagination – it offers back an incredible tension and mixture of emotions …. very impressive.

    thanks for writing to the Sunday prompt this week 🙂

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