I know my purpose of life is fulfilled, when the statue in the temple speaks to me. I’ve been meditating here for a decade now.

“Thank you, God! I lived for this day.”

“I lived thousands of years ago, and did certain things relevant to those times. I’m remembered for those, but the context has changed. My teachings are taken as timeless, but my thoughts have changed. Change is the only constant in the world.”

“Are you saying that I’ve not reached your true essence as yet?”

“You have not.  It doesn’t make sense being stationary like a light house, when the world around you moves. Each passing ship leaves different impressions on the water and me, and I wonder if I’m competent enough to guide the captain. I show the direction, but have no control on the strategy or goals of the captain. If the captain takes his own decisions, I’m not responsible for what fate befalls him. Too much has been foisted on me.”

“I will walk out of here – an enlightened being – responsible for my own life.”

I bow down in reverence. The vision and voice have both disappeared. I only see a picture of this lighthouse.

(200 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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