A Short Story – In response to multiple prompts

A Pause for Nature

This post is in response to :

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 65

Scotts Daily Prompt Acute

Your Daily Word Prompt – Frigid

A sudden large engine roaring made me rush to the window.

I stood frigid as I saw a large crane and huge trucks.

In my big and beautiful farm a lot of people had started constructing skyscrapers. There were factories and vehicles with all possible pollutants present.

When did this happen? Maybe while I was out of town, busy with my health checkup. How could I not notice it?

My reports were quite normal but this vision in front of my eyes was about to give me a heart attack.

I couldn’t see my farm animals, my fruit trees, my food crops. They were all gone. But where?

“Lauren! Lauren!” someone shook me by my arm.

I tried to turn to have a look at that persons face…

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