Reena’s Exploration Challenge #65 – A Voyage of Discovery

A story about discovery of likeable green monsters – by Michael



Miranda was a city girl and as such grew up in a concrete jungle, as her mother explained to her. Outside there was the odd tree and green areas, but Miranda didn’t have a concept of wide open spaces even though she saw plenty on the TV in her room.

To her, the world was one of grey with the occasional splashes of green.

Her parents blamed themselves for bringing up their daughter in such an environmentally challenged way. It didn’t bother Miranda as she was fine living as she did on the twenty-third storey above the city, where the lights at night kept her entranced, especially so at Christmas when they presented themselves in more colours than she imagined existed.

One day her school announced there was to be an excursion into the country. Miranda was excited, as she’d never been to the country. Her parents, like her, were…

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